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only experienced specialists work in our tattoo studio. Here you can get a new tattoo, reduce an old one, make a piercing or learn this art
You are free, young, funny dude who don't care about anything. you live now
Each tattoo has an important meaning, and for some people "partake" is a talisman. Such tattoos are done by the young, creative, active — so far, all my clients have been just that
These are small tattoos that look as if they were stuffed by a novice master somewhere in the kitchen to the creak of vinyl
Forget about the fact that a tattoo must be beautiful or resemble a work of art. The partaks are trending right now
It’s cheaper than beating a picture on your body, and faster — you can do a couple of drawings in one session
Capture your life moments in
a tattoo of any size, color and shape, and location on your body
We make piercings of any complexity, on the ears and other parts of the body
Safely remove old tattoos you regret. The removal procedure is repeated several times
laser removal
Answer all your questions and draw a sketch of your future tattoo
Especially for you we made media about tattoos Here you will find interviews with different artists, articles about tattoo genres and opinions of ordinary people about tattoos
Interested in tattoos and want to learn more about the art?
Works in the technique of mini tattoo. Tattoos come out with fine lines and do not bleed over time
Works in the classic tattooing throwing machine. He tattoos large and small mostly in the partak style
Does piercings on various parts of the body, any level of complexity. Master belly button piercing
Works in the handpoke technique. Makes tattoos by hand using a needle and paints
won't forget to check the marks
even more works on our Instagram
It’s been five months since I got a tattoo from the guys. I want to note that at first I really liked the atmosphere in the studio, everyone was very kind and friendly. Master Paul drew such a great sketch. And brought it to life. After a while, the tattoo is still the same as it was on the first day
Finally fulfilled my long-standing desire to add something to an existing hand, came with the idea of a portal, and left with a released drawing. I wanted to try something new and got a handpoke tattoo. Thanks to Norman for the quality work
I love something weird, and I’m glad I’m supported in that here. I can come in with complete delirium in my head and we’ll figure out together how to express it in a tattoo. And the guys will implement it. It’s not my first time here, I’ve been to all the masters and even had a piercing done hah

The master uses only disposable consumables that are printed out in front of you. This applies to all materials that come into contact with the skin. Instruments that do not come into contact with the skin undergo a three-stage heat treatment system under high pressure and temperature plus a preliminary mechanical cleaning.
We are waiting for you in our studio
Come capture memories in a tattoo, for a consultation if in doubt, or just to hang out with us and take some film photos
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fill out the form and we'll contact you ourselves, so you don't have to call anywhere bro
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New York, NY 10 012

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